Technology Made Easy

Computing Platforms

Tell us how you wanna play, and we’ll build the IT playground for you complete with the hottest software and coolest hardware.

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Cyber Security

Using the latest technology to protect the technology you use from viruses to hackers.

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Intelligent Home Solutions

Bringing tomorrow’s home to your lives today.

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Network Optimization

We ensure your networks perform at its peak always targeting 99.99% uptime for your organization.

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Outside Plant Services

We do the hard heavy work when others do not want their hands to get dirty or simply can’t.

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Productivity Tools

Whether it’s hardware or software, we can provide the tools to make your day productive and more time for fun!

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Power System

We provide solutions that keep your organization up and running no matter what.

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Security Infrastructure

We design and put up the most relevant and responsive technology to protect your investment in facilities and people.

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Transmission Backhaul Solution

Our unmatched contribution to the Telco industry – long standing excellence and consistent reliability.

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Unified Communication

Simply put, we integrate how you communicate in the best way possible.

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Wireless Access

We make sure that wireless simply means a strong and seamless user experience.

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Security Infrastructure


Wireless Solutions


Transmission Backhaul and Solution


Outside Plant Services


Broadband Devices


Computing Platforms


Productivity Tools


Unified Communications


Cyber Security


Network Optimization


Turnkey Services


Power Systems


Our Vision

“To be the preferred  and most trusted Systems Integrator in the Philippines by bridging technology that provides reliable connectivity and coverage”

Our Mission

“To continuously research and develop innovative and cost-effective solutions through empowered professionals that build strong relationships with stakeholders”

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manpower strong and growing

2G /3G Optimization sites

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Our list of satisfied clients

Our valued clients are the reason we continue to be in this business. They give us the most important lessons of our job. They trust and allow us to continue doing what we love – embracing technology that truly serves humanity. They give clues that inspire us to seek technology that will make an impact in people’s lives either now or in the near future. They validate our very existence as a business and responsible member of society. And though we can only show some of them here because of their growing numbers, we encourage organizations of all sizes (small, medium, and large) and all sectors (private, government and non-profit) to try us. We are at your service, we are always excited with every client encounter, and we are truly grateful for any given chance to make a difference in your life and work.

Our list of partners

Our vendor partners and principal suppliers are what keep us ahead in the technology arena. They serve as our light in the wilderness of technology. Though human touch is very important in the playing field, we can only do so much. Solid products, competitive prices, and after-sales-service from reputable brands are still the basic considerations of all end-users. The invaluable training, marketing, research, and servicing support from our business partners are what gives us a fair fighting chance. So if we no longer worry about the basics, we have more room to inject creativity, strategy, and flare in serving our clients and solving their problems. We can simplify the understanding and acceptance of our clients on the technology we recommend because our business partners’ products and promises reinforce us. We will continue to succeed serving and wowing our clients as long as true partnership is given to us every step of the way. Here are just some of the numerous brands that accompany us in this journey of joyful discovery of amazing human feats in technology…

Experience The OneComm Advantage

Share us your technology problems. We’ll give you an honest-to-goodness service that’s easy as PIE:


P - plan

We’ll diagnose and design a solution that’s customized to your unique situation.


I - implement

We’ll execute the plan within the agreed budget and timeline.


E - evaluate

We’ll review the solution for effectiveness and future upgrades.


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