Microwave Radio

Point-to-Point Radio

FibeAir IP-20 platform

A SINGLE platform serving ALL your wireless backhaul needs

Ceragon’s IP-20 is a service-centric, software-defined wireless platform containing a rich product line for backhaul and fronthaul applications. The IP-20 platform provides ultra-high capacities, supports any radio transmission technology mix, any network topology and any configuration.

Any radio transmission technology mix

Wireless multi-technology platform optimized for HetNets

Multi-gigabits radio capacity with high spectral efficiency

Ultra-high capacity over licensed and license-exempt frequency bands (4-86GHz)

Multi-purpose platform, ideal for versatile deployment scenarios

For multi-carrier trunk deployments in split-mount, all-outdoor and all-indoor configurations and access, small cells, aggregation

Common OS & software-defined engine simplifies network modernization

Unified CeraOS software across entire series, powered by programmable network processors

High service granularity enables rollout of new business models

Intelligent service-centric management utilizing hierarchical QoS and advanced OAM capabilities

4X capacity, ½ power consumption

Tightly integrated, in-house developed radio technologies (e.g., LoS 4X4 MIMO)

Capacity-boosting techniques optimized for high layers of LTE

Leading system gain across entire spectrum

High power radios, superior receiver sensitivity

Added system gain with LoS 4×4 MIMO

High service granularity enables network sharing & multiple services

High service granularity – Hierarchical QoS (H-QoS)

Hardware-ready for emerging and future transport protocols

Single platform - Single OS across the entire network

Common HW architecture with versatile configurations

Common SW (CeraOS) architecture for simple, end-to-end operations


FibeAir IP-20G

Hybrid, split-mount hauling solution for edge and ring nodes with fixed configuration and low power consumption

FibeAir IP-20N

High performance, high-capacity and highly scalable aggregation node addressing the entire range of microwave backhaul applications

FibeAir IP-20E

Ultra-high capacity, secure node for macro site connectivity in E-Band

FibeAir IP-20S

Compact, single-core radio node; an all-in-one tail-site backhaul solution for all-outdoor deployments

FibeAir IP-20C

Sets a new standard in microwave transmission combining multi-core radio technology, 2048QAM and line-of-sight 4X4 MIMO in a compact, all-outdoor design delivering 1Gbps of capacity

FibeAir IP-20LH

Multi-carrier trunk node that includes 2048QAM and 10GbE interfaces paired with ultra-high power radio technology; the ideal solution for transporting multi-gigabits of radio capacity over long distances

Evolution IP-20LH

Field-proven, high-quality multi-carrier microwave radio solution for long-distance, high-capacity telecommunication networks; enables carriers to migrate smoothly from legacy TDM to all-IP

Point-To Multipoint / Point-To Point Licensed Radio
Software Defined Radio

Software-defined hardware platform. Can be either PtP or PtMP modes of operation. Can be either Hub or Remote Terminal. No need for purchasing alternative equipment/solution in case of configuration change is required.

Industry leading PtMP capacity (540 Mbps downlink / 420 Mbps uplink). PtP capacity (880 Mbps downlink / 880 Mbps uplink).

For PtMP, maximum number of 30 terminals per sector without additional indoor unit.

Longest coverage range.

Pay-as-you-grow software licensing pricing scheme.

More advanced and diversified services delivery to customers. WiBAS™ OSDR & StreetNode™ systems are capable to support 3G+/4G last-mile backhaul, LTE all-outdoor small cells, enterprise customers, high-end residential customers (quadruple/triple-paly services).

Cost-effective Network Deployment. StreetNode™:

  • Could be easily installed by non-Telco oriented personnel.
  • Night deployments for crews are possible leading to faster & easier installations in environments with substantial traffic (during the day).
  • Innovative antenna auto-alignment feature means that crews on both sides of the link are not required, enabling fast and cost-effective deployment.
  • Bluetooth Zero-Touch, wireless node management using tablet or mobile phone.

Cost-effective Network Management Platform. Management of thousands of network elements from a single NMS (uni|MS™) server.

OSDR™ – Outdoor Software Defined Radio

One Unit, Three S/W Modes

  • Realizes Any Architecture (i.e. Mixed PtP / PtMP Chains)
  • Facilitates Optimum Network Design
  • PtMP Reduces Equipment BoQ
  • Reduces Installation & Logistics
  • Common Features & Roadmap

STREETNODE™ 3-in-1 software defined radio

One Unit, Three Profiles

  • Realizes Any Architecture (i.e. Mixed PtP / PtMP Chains)
  • Facilitates Optimum Network Design
  • PtMP Reduces Equipment BoQ
  • Reduces Installation & Logistics
  • Common Features & Roadmap

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