Antivirus Software

Here we have various antivirus software that will ensure your computer's safety.

Antivirus Software

Antivirus (anti-virus) software is a class of program that will prevent, detect and remedy malware infections on individual computing devices and IT systems.

Probably one of the most important assets in a computer setup.

Symantec Threat Protection

  • Protect against the most advanced threats with complete protection from endpoint to email to servers to cloud
  • Detect 30% more threats with cross-control point visibility and remediation**
  • Go beyond signatures to track indicators of attack as they emerge
  • Leverage everything that Symantec sees globally with one of the world’s largest cyber-intelligence networks

Symantec Information Protection

  • Safeguard your information from endpoint to email to servers to cloud
  • Keep track of your sensitive data in motion, at rest, or in use

  • Give access only to users who need it

  • Encrypt your data in case it falls into the wrong hands

Sophos Endpoint Protection

  • Sophos Endpoint Protection makes it simple to secure your Windows, Mac and Linux systems against malware and advanced threats, such as targeted attacks. Our next-generation endpoint protection integrates innovative technology like malicious traffic detection with real-time threat intelligence from SophosLabs to help you prevent, detect and remediate threats with ease. We also add web filtering, application control, device control and more right into the lightweight endpoint agent, so your organization’s policies are enforced anywhere your users go.


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