Broadband Access

MSAN (Multi-Service Access Node)


MileGate – One access platform for all your needs

MileGate combines carrier-grade broadband access, telephony and data interfaces in one single, compact IP/Ethernet-based Multi-Service Access Platform.

As a result, network operators can continue to support traditional telephony and broadband services, migrate to the NGN (Next Generation Network) and provide Triple Play and broadband business services, too. MileGate comes with a hybrid backplane that enables the simultaneous deployment of TDM- and IP/Ethernet-based services, and ensures a smooth migration of voice and data services.

With the three available subrack sizes MileGate 25x0, MileGate 2310, MileGate 2200, and the Micro-DSLAMs MileGate 2012 and MileGate 2011, network topology can be designed flexibly. Operational in a wide range of temperatures and with a robust design, MileGate subracks can be used in street cabinets – however extreme conditions are. The innovative access platform MileGate has been developed for a wide range of electrical (xDSL, telephony) and optical subscriber interfaces. With this flexibility MileGate supports installations in central offices with thousands of subscribers as well as in all FTTx (Fibre-to-the-x) network architectures.

MileGate provides all services with high port density in FTTC applications. From a MileGate 2510 subrack, up to 960 with vectoring extended VDSL2 ports can be provided. Vectoring node MileGate 2012 offers ultra-broadband for Fiber-to-the-Building (FTTB).

For FTTH (Fibre-to-the-Home) and FTTB (Fibre-to-the-Building) applications KEYMILE provides a specific solution for optical networks: The MileGate Fibre Series supports both active and passive optical Ethernet via one single platform simultaneously.

MileGate platform highlights

  • Migrates voice and data from TDM to IP
  • Flexible for both active and passive FTTH/B network topologies
  • Media gateways for POTS and ISDN via SIP and H.248/MEGACO
  • V5.2 interfaces for connection to traditional exchanges (a software update upgrades to a media gateway)
  • Suitable for exchanges and FTTC, FTTB and FTTH network topologies
  • Optical Ethernet line card with highest port density and embedded CATV overlay (analogue and digital)
  • Integrated GPON card for Passive Optical Networks
  • Micro-DSLAM for FTTB applications
  • Large variety of interfaces
    • DSL (ADSL2plus, VDLS2 with vectoring, SHDSL EFM/ATM/TDM)
    • Ethernet (1000BaseT, 100BaseFX, GbE)
    • Data (G.703, X.21, V.35, …)
    • Telephony (POTS, ISDN)
  • CESoP unit for traditional services in packet-based NGNs
  • 2-stage multicasting functions for excellent IPTV implementation
  • Comprehensive functions for Quality of Service (QoS) and protection
  • Business Services (TLS und PLS)
  • Maximum availability in carrier grade quality (99.999%)
  • Enhanced range of temperatures -25 °C to +60 °C (with fan)
  • Linux-based network management system
  • Excellent scalability (from a few to several thousand subscribers)
  • Very high subscriber density (more than 5100 DSL subscribers or up to 1920 optical subscriber connections per 19″ rack)
  • Open interfaces to network management integration (CLI, XML, SNMP, …)

MileGate 2510

MileGate 2510 is designed to provide legacy voice and NGN services in central offices, colocation centres and street cabinets with a high number of subscribers.

MileGate 2310

MileGate 2310 provides the same multi-service flexibility as MileGate 25×0 in a more compact 4 HU subrack.

MileGate 2200

The mini DSLAM subrack MileGate 2200 is designed for cost-efficient access in sparsely populated areas.

MileGate Fibre Series

MileGate Fibre Serie, the access platform for active and passive optical networks.

MileGate 2011

MileGate 2011 is a Micro-DSLAM for FTTB network architectures. It is designed for the change-over from the optical fibre to VDSL2 transmission in multi-tenant buildings and it provides bandwidths of more than 100 Mbps.

MileGate 2012

MileGate 2012 is a vectoring node, optimizied for ultra-broadband for FTTB applications.

GPON (Fiber-To-The-Home)

GPON is the leading fiber access technology for delivering residential, business, and mobile backhaul services.

GPON Benefits

  • 16, 32 and 64-way split
  • Dynamic Bandwidth Allocation
  • Fiber efficient
  • Distances to 40km
  • Gigabit service capable


Ethernet Service Access Platform

  • Pay-as-you-grow modular chassis architecture
  • Combination “single-service solution” and “multi-service chassis”
  • Allows expansion in 2-slot, 1RU increments
  • Modular design provides flexibility to manage market uncertainty
  • Scalable to nearly 500 point-to-point GE (Active Ethernet) subscribers
  • Ideal for market entry, pay-as-you-grow opportunities



  • Desktop, wall mount
  • Point-to-point GE and GPON using auto detect technology
  • 2 POTs, 4 GE
  • Supports Residential Gateway Capabilities
  • Wide temperature range (-5 C to +50 C)
  • Coexists with 10G GPON and 10G EPON
  • Optional RF (726GE-I)

836RSG – Residential Services GW

  • Complete digital home solution
  • Point-to-point GE and GPON
  • Dual band 802.11n internal antennas (42.4GHz or 5GHz)
  • 2 POTS, 4 GE
  • USB port
  • Complete Residential Gateway Functionality


 G.NOW (Gigabit Capacity over Copper) is the most impressive 1Gbps technology for twisted pair. It uses existing copper lines for the last mile access to provide FTTH-like bandwidth service where it is difficult to deploy fiber.

  • Flexible uplink/downlink bandwidth allocation(50:50, 70:30, 80:20…) with TDD according to different service (cloud storage, video-conferencing)
  • Reuse copper resources, no civil works; plug and play, self-installation
  • Standards organization ITU-T. ITU-T standard compliant( G.9960, G.9961)
  • A variety of techniques to reduce NEXT/FEXT
  • Support Power Spectrum Density notching/filtering to eliminate interference
  • Sponsored by Intel, released by ITU-T, and now promoted by Home grid Forum
  • Meets the Digital Ecosystem: ICE = Information + Communication + Entertainment




Our broad product offerings extend from the edge of the network to the core and edge of the cloud. Our extensive set of product hardware offering is complimented with an optional service management system and when used in concert, provides a unique end-to-end carrier service delivery solution.

Business Ethernet Services Delivery

Mobile Backhaul Services Delivery

Carrier Cloud Networking and Services Delivery

Telco Systems provide a complete solution from demarcation through aggregation that extends to the edge of the core to ensure that the access network can be easily provisioned and managed. These solutions support voice, video and data traffic over an IP/Ethernet network to create a high degree of reliability, service assurance and guaranteed service quality demanded by enterprise customers. By supporting all MEF 2.0 service types and service attributes with flexible transport options of either Carrier Ethernet or MPLS, network service providers can scale their network to support more customers and more services while optimizing network resources.

Telco Systems innovative solutions for mobile backhaul address challenges relating to bandwidth scalability, network resiliency & quality of service, operations simplicity, end-user performance reporting, and rapid site deployment. These solutions are designed to fit transparently into a wholesale carrier’s network and offer a cost effective means to deliver end-to-end MEF CE 2.0 services while lowering total cost of network ownership.

Telco System supports carrier cloud-to-edge and cloud-to-cloud connectivity requirements with a robust end-to-end service oriented Ethernet and MPLS solution. This solution allows carriers to overcome the unique challenges that cloud services add by offering low latency, high availability, improved traffic engineering, and multi-level end-to-end service management. Telco Systems solution for carrier cloud services provide an end-user experience level that is equal to or better that what users would get off their local network.

Telco Systems product portfolio consists of a comprehensive set of hardware and software solutions to meet most any Metro Carrier Ethernet site requirement.

Portfolio Highlights:

  • Access, Edge and Core Systems.
  • Support for all MEF CE 2.0 service types.
  • Stand Alone, Modular, Hardened, and Outside Plant system form factors.
  • Switching capacities from 5Gbps to over 1Tbps.
  • Flexible and scalable support for Ethernet and CES port options.
  • Support for 1,000’s of EVCs and OAM sessions in common hardware.
  • Support for both Carrier Ethernet and MPLS transport protocols in common software.
  • Standards based link & service monitoring, alarming, and troubleshooting including hardware based Y.1713.
  • Dual level tagging and tag manipulation support.
  • Sub-50ms ring, link and path resiliency protocols including G.8032, G.8031, xSTP, LAG/LACP, and MPLS FRR.
  • Hierarchical quality of service (HQOS), rate limiting, shaping and fair queuing mechanisms.
  • Comprehensive network and carrier services management solution.
  • SDN & NFV enabled platforms.

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