Copper Network

Copper Network is the collection of insulated conductors arranged in particular color scheme in a single core and covered with several protective layers.

Included here are copper cable aerial closure, self-support twisted copper dropwire, etc.

RJ 11 Connecting Block

The RJ11 Connecting Block serves as an interface between the outdoor component (mini-station protector ) and the indoor active device ( DSL modem ).

Application of Product:

  • Connection point from the outdoor station protector and DSL modem

Special Feature of the Product:

  • Contains built-in strain relief devices to assure undisturbed connection
  • have 4 holes for mounting screw
  • with spare port for future use
  • with snap-on design locking system
  • Made of “Tool Free” termination
  • Allow provision for line extension
  • Can accommodate solid copper conductor from 0.40 to 0.65 mm (26 – 22 AWG)

Mini-Station Protector

The station protector is installed as a protective device to keep foreign potential  out of the communication equipment. When high voltage manifest itself in the  station equipment in the form of lighting surge, power induced charge or power  contact, the station protector act to divert the potential to ground at the  shortest time as possible.

Application of Product:

  • Use in the protection of the subscriber, his property and the telecommunication equipment.

Special Feature of the Product:

  • The connection is an Insulation Displacement Contact (IDC) type.
  • Fully water/gas tight connection module
  • No wire stripping required
  • Have test port for isolation of troubles with standard crocodile clamps
  • Can accommodate all standard drop wire and inside wire

Distribution Point ( DP )  Module

The DP module serves as the distribution point of the network. Usually mounted on poles, it is designed to provide easy, reliable and re-usable points of connection between distribution cable pairs and drop or service wires leading to subscriber’s equipment.

Application of Product:

  • Installed outdoor that drops line to the subscriber ( can be a house, building, or establishment ) via dropwire cable.

Special Feature of the Product:

  • Has a slot connection utilizing Insulation Displacement Connection (IDC) technique
  • Has self healing gel o provide additional protection against the intrusion of moisture and other contaminants
  • Can accommodate wires ranging from 18 – 24 AWG with copper or copper clad steel conductor
  • Body is made of polycarbonate material

Copper Aerial Closure

The aerial splice closure is designed to seal splices of various copper cable sizes and gauges.

Application of Product:

  • Installed outdoor and mounted on messenger wire, the copper aerial closure are used to cover the splice of DP module cable stub and the secondary FSF cable.

Special Feature of the Product:

  • Made of UV resistant, moisture resistant, high strength, durable and rugged high quality plastic material
  • Have built-in eye type connectors for bonding and grounding
  • Have minimum of two (2) drain outlets
  • Can accommodate multiple cable entries

Self-Support Twisted Dropwire

The self-support twisted dropwire is a figure-8, solid annealed twisted copper wire designed to carry voice and data to subscriber from the distribution point.

Application of Product:

Terminated to the port of DP module going the mini-station of the subscriber to serve as medium for the voice and data services from the service provider network.

Special Feature of the Product:

  • Insulation material is high density polyethylene
  • Has messenger wire for additional support
  • No need for P-Clap during installation
  • Has higher conductivity compared to parallel dropwire
  • Better performance for data and voice tranmission

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