Powerline Networking

For a better broadband coverage.

Powerline Networking

Powerline Networking (also called HomePlug® technology or PLC) is a technology that uses electrical wiring to transmit data.

Adapters are common devices under powerline networks. Powerline or HomePlug is a bridging technology, used for extending and strengthening wireless coverage for faster connection.

Home Connectivity – HomePlugs

HomePlug® technology (also known as powerline or PLC) focuses on connecting devices to the Internet using your home’s electrical wiring. HomePlug™ Certified products are certified by the HomePlug Alliance – a group of companies working together to develop technology and product certification programs. Products certified by the HomePlug Alliance are interoperable.

Aztech Home Plug AV 200 Mbps Ethernet Adapter (HL113E)

Aztech Home Plug AV 200 Mbps Single-band Wireless-N 150 Mbps Extender (Hl113EW)

Home Connectivity – Wireless Repeaters

Struggling with weak signals? Aztech Wireless Repeater addresses this problem by repeating your router’s wireless signals to various areas obstructed by walls and other interferences. It is designed with a buit-in power adapter, unlike other Wi-Fi repeaters that require an external power supply adapter. Its innovative wall-plugged design empowers users to plug it directly into any available power outlet. Aztech WL559E is capable of extending wireless signal to areas with “blind spots”.

Aztech Wall-Plugged 300 Mbps Wifi Repeater (WL559E)

Aztech Wall-Plugged 750Mbps Dual Band Concurrent Wireless-AC Repeater (WL590E)

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