We provide excellent servers for your shared services.


A Server is the central, and usually the largest, and most powerful computer in a network that houses the server software, stores and manages common (network) data, supplies it to individual workstations (clients), and provides shared services (access to internet or other networks, faxing, printing, etc.).

Servers are named after the primary functions they perform: file servers receive, store, and send files. Web servers store web pages. Mail servers receive, store and forward emails, etc. There are different types of servers according to its form factor: Tower, Rackmount, and Blade.


  • Intel® Xeon® E5-2600v3 and E5-2600v4 series processor
  • Flexible LAN Support
  • Software management services for Servers
  • High availability and redundancy
  • Up to 24 DDR3, DDR4 Stick(different in every model and type)


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