Unlicensed Radios

Technology Overview:

The most common wireless backhaul, known as a wireless Ethernet bridge, operate in the unlicensed wireless (license-exempt) 900MHz (902-928), 2.4GHz, 5.3GHz, 5.4GHz, 5.8GHz, 24GHz, and 60GHz frequencies of the RF spectrum. These radio platforms are exempt from FCC licensing requirements. This means the system operator does not have to apply for and purchase a fixed microwave link license from the FCC. These systems, although quick to deploy, do not promise exclusive use of the band and are susceptible to potential interference.

Unlicensed wireless backhaul platforms can go distances up to 50+ miles and provide data rates of 10Mbps to 300Mbps aggregate throughput. These systems can be deployed in outdoor wireless backhaul applications such as: point to point wireless (“PtP”), point to multipoint wireless (“PtMP”), and wireless mesh configurations. Unlicensed wireless bands are also used for many indoor wireless communications systems (such as Wi-Fi(802.11 b/g/a/n), cordless phones, monitors, RFID, handhelds, etc.) and are excellent for wireless video surveillance IP camera networks.

Product Information:

Cambium Networks provides a comprehensive portfolio of best-of-breed wireless broadband solutions that enable enterprises to deploy the most advantageous system to meet their individual connectivity requirements. Available as stand-alone solutions or integrated with Cambium’s point-to-multipoint and Mesh products, the PTP 400 and PTP 600 point-to-point wireless Ethernet bridges deliver the reliable, secure and high-bandwidth data, voice and video traffic that enterprises require for applications, such as:

  • Building-to-building connectivity
  • Replacing or augmenting T1/E1 lines
  • Network redundancy
  • High-bandwidth connectivity for Voice-over-IP, distance learning and video surveillance

Special Feature of the Product:

The success of these products results from Cambium’s unique combination of technologies, the overall effect of which is much more powerful than using any of them individually.

The key advantages of these technologies include:

  • Ability to overcome path obstructions
  • Reliable, high-throughput communications
  • Multi-layered security • Reduced infrastructure complexities
  • Choice of configurations – 10/100/1000 Base T, 1000 Base SX, single or dual T1/E1, DS3, OC-3
  • Fast, easy installation and management
  • Fast return on investment – typically less than one year

Application of Product:

  • Internet/Service Providers
  • Enterprise
  • Government and Military Agencies
  • Utility Companies

Product Information:

RADWIN provides a full suite of wireless point-to-point, point-to-multipoint and broadband mobility solutions, powering applications including backhaul, broadband access, private network connectivity, video surveillance transmission as well as wireless broadband in motion for trains, vehicles and vessels.
RADWIN’s advanced wireless solutions are deployed in more than 150 countries, carrying data, video and voice with unmatched high-capacity over short and long ranges.

Special Features:

High capacity & long range

  • 10 to 750 Mbps net aggregate throughput
  • Pay as you grow capacity
  • Long range – up to 120 Km/75 miles
  • Native TDM (up to 16 E1s/T1s) + Ethernet

Robust operation

  • Telco-grade, operates in harsh conditions
  • Unmatched performance in dense radio environments
  • Field proven operation in nLOS / NLOS
  • Inter & Intra site TDD synchronization to maximize network capacity
  • Ethernet service protection via 1+1 and ring topologies

Easy to install & maintain

  • Multi-band radio supports multiple frequency bands on same platform
  • QoS and VLAN capabilities

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