In the Philippines, many enterprises rely heavily on electricity to keep the business running. It is essential to literally keep the lights on to maintain a safe and productive workplace and fulfill the needs of employees, customers, and productions. The world shouldn’t stop because of blackouts, this is why it’s time to put into place alternative non-traditional power generation with the use of the Microturbine Generator. To get the best out of your generator, some things need to be considered such as the power load requirement, type of fuel being used, environmental impact, and the cost of maintenance. How much power load do you need? Assess if you will be using your generator for primary power or as backup. The Bladon Micro Turbine Genset is a single-phase generator that delivers all the reliability and practicality of a traditional diesel genset but with lower emissions, less noise, and very low maintenance costs. With the archipelagic composition of the Philippines, the traditional generators that are installed in the islands are difficult to reach while regular visits incur operational expenses. The Microturbine generator’s ultra-low maintenance design is ideal and strategic for islands where off grid sites have limited power generation. It is built for sites where 24x7 operations are necessary for electricity supply. As a primary source of power, it can continuously operate 24x7 for 8000 hours, and can also work on cyclic operations. Some provinces in far-flung areas are still connected to bad commercial grids prone to unstable electricity sources. Even if there are traditional gensets to supply electricity, the fuel can become a prime target for theft. Situated in secluded areas, it becomes an opportunity for fuel thieves to extract fuel from these traditional gensets. Additionally, remote areas make frequent site maintenance more costly and inconvenient. In March 2022, the country’s first 15 KVA microturbine generator (MTG) has been recently installed in an off-grid site near a residential area in Northern Luzon. The loud thrum of a traditional generator made it hard for the residents to live in peace, leading to the eventual shutdown of the generator in use. With 3x less noise, location is not an issue for the MTG. It can be installed in urban and residential areas without the disturbance of black smoke that traditional gensets emit. MTGs emit zero black smoke or soot and its clean burning and near silent running keeps the air quality better for people living nearby. The Bladon Micro Turbine Generator delivers a maximum continuous power of up to 9 kilowatts. Its fuel flexibility solves the problem of fuel scarcity and theft, being able to run on diesel, paraffin, kerosene, low carbon hydrotreated vegetable oil, and even on blended fuels. It still runs on its maximum operational output whatever the ratio of fuel mix may be. With this flexibility, you can easily switch your fuel to the less costly option or find the kind that is abundant in supply in your location to ensure continuous operation. In instances when there is optimal water content, the microturbine has a reduced vulnerability to damaging its engine that may arise from the consumption of water contaminated fuel. The microturbine is one single rotating unit with no engine oil or liquid coolant required. This engine uses patented air bearings to spin at over 100,000 rpm with no wear and tear or vibration and outdoes the 250+ moving parts of a traditional genset. This makes a single, annual site service and maintenance more than enough. This set up is perfect for secluded areas, especially those off grid, to effectively decrease operating costs. With minimal maintenance requirements, it can also take less than an hour to service and replace air and fuel filters. Zero vibration and ultra-low noise at less than 60 decibels make sure that there is minimal noise pollution even in sites near residential areas. Bladon’s advanced combustion technology also produces zero particulates, low carbon monoxide, and low unburned hydrocarbons -- very low emissions that are better than EU standards. The modular design and proven patented technology of a Bladon Micro Turbine Genset deliver reliability while lowering its carbon footprint. As all enterprises are called upon to help mitigate climate change and its effects, adapting green practices and jobs rewards us not only with protecting the planet but also with government incentives. The Philippine Green Jobs Act of 2016 or RA 10771 grants taxes and duties incentives to qualified businesses in implementing zero emission technologies. Though gensets have been around for a long time, technology is continually improving with these microturbine generators. Grow your enterprise, keep being productive, and have the peace of mind knowing that you won’t be left in the dark. Choosing a brand that is racing towards cleaner, more reliable, and more cost-effective power is a definite win for your business. See it for yourself and schedule a demo! Visit or follow One Commerce (Int’l) Corporation on Facebook and LinkedIn for more information.