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Using one SSID, there will be no more disconnection when you walk from one network zone to another. It provides 867Mbps on 5GHz and 300Mbps on 2.4GHz band for a total of 1167Mbps simultaneously. Unlike traditional Wi-Fi extenders that can only get signal from the configured router, all mesh nodes can detect and select optimal routing from other available nodes. Even when you disconnect with current routing, the mesh can automatically reconnect to another available mesh node. A smart network that guarantees speed and stability.


WIM will provide data about current traffic, precise traffic classification, and approximate vehicle weighing. It protects your road investments and significantly extends the lifetime of roads and to cut repair costs. WIM is suitable for monitoring road congestion and road traffic statistics. A better road for safer travels.


VMS (Video Management System) or the command center complements our cameras with intelligent CCTV analytics where the videos are displayed, stored, cataloged, and reviewed as needed. For convenience, audio and video can also be accessed live or reviewed using a mobile device or smartphone.


A next-generation telepresence system incorporates collaboration functionality into video conferencing. It enables meeting spaces with artificial intelligence to make communication and collaboration more efficient and enjoyable. A high definition video conferencing terminals that offer security, stability, and interoperability as it ensures participants seamless communication.


Video analytics is an easy-to-use video management software that is designed to optimize the way security professionals manage and interact with high-definition video. It efficiently captures and stores HD video, while intelligently managing bandwidth and storage using a patented High Definition Stream Management (HDSM) technology. It enables operators to see at a glance what is happening across the entire site and more effectively triage and respond to the most important events.


A variable message signage is an electronic traffic sign often used on roadways to give travelers information, especially for safety announcements such as signs warn of traffic congestion, accidents, roadwork zones, or speed limits on a specific highway segment. It can also use for Marketing Displays.


A broadcast technology based on the transmission of audio-visual media information over the airwaves. It uses low, mid, and high power transmitters to serve households that relying on daily news and other information. The on-going migration plan of the Philippines to Digital TV will improve not only the quality of viewing experience of individuals but also better access to information and providing modes of disaster alert data.


Software-defined networking in a wide area network (SD-WAN) able and secured connections with multiple access technologies and service providers. It prioritizes the quality of service for your critical and real-time application that lowers your total cost of ownership (TCO) by up to a minimum of 50% and security hardware footprint by up to 70%. It has one management panel and security expertise enablement through visualization.


A DPHW-compliant seismic monitoring system that provides real-time alarm information (either audio, visual, or both) before, during, and after an earthquake. An IoT ready devices with different applications such as seismological networks, weak & strong motion sensor, structural health monitoring & survey, and post-seismic damage analysis.


SCADA (Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition) is a category of a software application program for process control and gathering of data in real-time from remote locations to control equipment and conditions. It cuts down the cost of repair due to preventive maintenance. It is used in telecommunications, power plants, oil and gas refining, transportation, and water and waste control.


PointLink System is a stabilized antenna platform that enables high-speed point-to-point & point-to-multipoint connectivity, something that fixed access systems simply can’t handle due to their focused beam and a low tolerance for antenna movement. It can deliver data rates exceeding that of typical satellite and troposcatter communications in up to 1 Gbps per system. The system has very minimal latency, typically less than 0.15ms. It is very secure and reliable, it provides up to 99.999% availability.


A point-to-point connection is one of our core expertise. It is an all-outdoor wireless backhaul node that suits any network deployment scenario from aggregation sites to small cell backhaul, at LTE, LTE-Advanced Pro, and 5G mobile network. It allows flexible network planning due to multicore technology and reduced tower or roof-top equipment footprint by 50% in dual-carrier configurations. High capacity transmission in a single box.


Another One Comm’s strength. We offer all-outdoor software-defined radio models with leading Point-to-MultiPoint (PtMP) technology. Significant OpEx savings and High capacity to satisfy every backhaul and access demand. Large service area footprint – high terminal density per sector and very long ranges. Zero footprints, environmentally friendly design with low latency for delay-sensitive transmission.


A Hybrid set-top-box with a digital TV tuner for delivering a seamless user experience that blends live and OTT services. With this STB, operators can provide premium digital video broadcast and streaming media content for users in 4K Ultra-HD resolution. They are used in cable television, satellite television, and over-the-air television systems as well as other uses.


Open radio access networks (O-RAN)is an emerging form of virtualized network architecture built on general-purpose, commercial off-the-shelf hardware. The architecture allows for a combination of different hardware and software and can be simply integrated and upgraded via software. The result is cheaper equipment that can be scaled, upgraded or changed much more easily.


O365 – Office 365 is the latest brand name used by Microsoft for a cloud-based group of software plus service subscriptions that provide productivity software and related services to its subscribers. It was built with our enterprise customers in mind. Discover how it can unlock the potential of your employees, simplify IT management, and help you avoid potential security or compliance risks.


An energy-efficient and best-in-class network switches that provide stable, reliable, and secure High-Definition (HD) video stream transmission, elastic cloud computing, and high-performance Layer 2/Layer 3 switching services. It is widely used in Wide Area Network (WAN), MAN, and data center networks, building application-oriented network platforms for carriers and integrating switching and routing functions to build end-to-end converged networks.


A data storage device is used for recording (storing) information (data). There are 3 types of storage system that fits your requirement: Network Attached Storage (NAS), Direct Attached Storage (DAS) and Storage Area Network (SAN). A Network-Attached Storage (NAS) device is a server that is dedicated to doing nothing more than file sharing. Direct Attached Storage (DAS) is digital storage that is attached directly to a computer or a server. SAN (Storage Area Network) is a high-speed network of storage devices that also connects those storage devices with servers.