SDH was the most widely used transmission technology deployed by many telecom carriers in the past owing to the robust and efficient transport of voice traffic and leased-line applications over long distances. A most stable and most reliable transport network with Superb OAM (operations, administration, management) – Fault Management. It enables interoperability between equipment of different manufacturers. Gradually, these networks were used to carry data traffic as well.


AWS is an automated type of traditional weather station, either to enable measurements from remote areas or to save human labor. It may be in real-time via a local link to a computer system or via telecommunications or satellite systems. GSM mobile phone technology has also been known to be used. An alternative is the storing of the information in local data storage such as flash memory for retrieval at a later stage.


File Optimizer is a reliable and useful software designed to provide you with a simple means of re-compressing and optimizing files of various types. Significant for compressing files that are too large in data.


O365 – Office 365 is the latest brand name used by Microsoft for a cloud-based group of software plus service subscriptions that provide productivity software and related services to its subscribers. It was built with our enterprise customers in mind. Discover how it can unlock the potential of your employees, simplify IT management, and help you avoid potential security or compliance risks.


With the growing demand for faster throughput, the latest and cost-effective access point allows to meet these demands and deliver a future-proof solution for all your wireless access requirements. It has a cloud-based platform for WiFi network that has advanced capabilities that can match even the on premise controllers of other vendors. It utilizes the latest iteration of WiFi technology.


Data erasure (also called data clearing or data wiping) is a software-based method of overwriting the data that aims to destroy all electronic data residing on a hard disk drive or other digital media.