Surveillance & Infrastructure Solutions

Provide end-to-end solutions for data capturing, recording, access controlling, coordinating, designing, and analyzing 24/7 in all conditions and situations imaginable to prevent, mitigate, and monitor the risks of malicious activity and ensure the safety of both external and internal resources.


One Commerce’s video security, cloud, and access control solutions are integrated and powered by AI to provide you with the right information at the right time so you can take decisive action. It provides imaging quality and resolution with only a tiny amount of bandwidth and storage. Powered by advanced AI and video analytics we keep our technology simple and easy to use, letting you focus on what matters most.


Video analytics is an easy-to-use video management software that is designed to optimize the way security professionals manage and interact with high-definition video. It efficiently captures and stores HD video, while intelligently managing bandwidth and storage using a patented High Definition Stream Management (HDSM) technology. It enables operators to see at a glance what is happening across the entire site and more effectively triage and respond to the most important events.


VMS (Video Management System) or the command center complements our cameras with intelligent CCTV analytics where the videos are displayed, stored, cataloged, and reviewed as needed. For convenience, audio and video can also be accessed live or reviewed using a mobile device or smartphone.


This 24/7 surveillance provides long-range monitor in up to 15 KM at perimeter areas and gives more protection against potential intruders. It has advanced protection and detection in all high voltage equipment from being overheated that may cause damage in your property and investment.


The BT-100XL-ED-WP is weatherproof and specially designed for military and law enforcement usage. It is suitable for long-range applications with up to 10km of range. With 100mm FK-61 ED objectives, 24mm of clear prism aperture, and a lightweight magnesium alloy body (waterproof and nitrogen-filled), this binocular telescope sets a new standard for image quality and portability.


The latest and most advanced stage of traffic monitoring technology can simultaneously detect multiple vehicles in transit on up to 6 parallel lanes even in double direction, measure all their speeds with 99% accuracy, detect red light violations at intersections, read every vehicle’s license plates and dangerous goods placards.


WIM will provide data about current traffic, precise traffic classification, and approximate vehicle weighing. It protects your road investments and significantly extends the lifetime of roads and to cut repair costs. WIM is suitable for monitoring road congestion and road traffic statistics. A better road for safer travels.


A variable message signage is an electronic traffic sign often used on roadways to give travelers information, especially for safety announcements such as signs warn of traffic congestion, accidents, roadwork zones, or speed limits on a specific highway segment. It can also use for Marketing Displays.


A DPHW-compliant seismic monitoring system that provides real-time alarm information (either audio, visual, or both) before, during, and after an earthquake. An IoT ready devices with different applications such as seismological networks, weak & strong motion sensor, structural health monitoring & survey, and post-seismic damage analysis.


A management of admission to system and network resources. It grants authenticated users access to specific resources based on company policies and the permission level assigned to the user or user group. Access control often includes authentication, which proves the identity of the user or client machine attempting to log in.