Transmission and Backhaul Solutions

This is the core strength of One Commerce. Be a commercial wholesale bandwidth provider who offers a quality of service (QOS) guarantees through our end-to-end transmission/backhaul solutions that boost coverage and address various technical, operational, and business needs.


Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing (DWDM) is an optical multiplexing technology used to increase the bandwidth over existing fiber networks. It works by combining and transmitting multiple signals simultaneously at different wavelengths on the same fiber. It creates multiple virtual fibers, thus multiplying the capacity of the physical medium. It is also an ultra-long-haul transport with high capacity bandwidth possible. Modular and scalable architecture that ensures both low initial cost and flexibility into the future.


SDH was the most widely used transmission technology deployed by many telecom carriers in the past owing to the robust and efficient transport of voice traffic and leased-line applications over long distances. A most stable and most reliable transport network with Superb OAM (operations, administration, management) – Fault Management. It enables interoperability between equipment of different manufacturers. Gradually, these networks were used to carry data traffic as well.


Optical Transport Network (OTN) is an evolved technology that inherits capabilities of DWDM such as high bandwidth capacity and long-haul transport and management capabilities of SDH. It provides a protocol-independent wrapper of client data and gives the lowest cost per bandwidth. By substituting OTN for a significant part of the switching capacity (the transit traffic), operators can reduce the overall costs significantly and save expensive router ports to reduce overall CAPEX.


Integrated Smart Sensing monitors assets around fiber infrastructure. It detects theft, vandalism of fiber cable, early possible fiber cut, and unauthorized access on manholes and telco cabinets. It allows limiting installation and service costs while obtaining higher performance, reliability, and asset life.


Network element devices that provide service demarcation at the edge of the network. Each aspect of these devices is built for cost-effective delivery of assured fiber-based Carrier Ethernet services for mobile backhaul and wholesale Ethernet applications. Ultra-compact first-mile demarcation devices provide a full range of multi-rate-capable Ethernet interfaces. Temperature-hardened design with no moving parts and optional network link protection ensures the highest service availability even in harsh environments.


Media Converters can be applied in operators’ access filed to interconnect with Metropolitan Area Network, support Ethernet optical port (NNI ports), and Ethernet electrical port (UNI ports). It provides faster network speeds and opens flexibility to open a bigger network.


Another One Comm’s strength. We offer all-outdoor software-defined radio models with leading Point-to-MultiPoint (PtMP) technology. Significant OpEx savings and High capacity to satisfy every backhaul and access demand. Large service area footprint – high terminal density per sector and very long ranges. Zero footprints, environmentally friendly design with low latency for delay-sensitive transmission.


A point-to-point connection is one of our core expertise. It is an all-outdoor wireless backhaul node that suits any network deployment scenario from aggregation sites to small cell backhaul, at LTE, LTE-Advanced Pro, and 5G mobile network. It allows flexible network planning due to multicore technology and reduced tower or roof-top equipment footprint by 50% in dual-carrier configurations. High capacity transmission in a single box.

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