One Commerce’s video security, cloud, and access control solutions are integrated and powered by AI to provide you with the right information at the right time so you can take decisive action. It provides imaging quality and resolution with only a tiny amount of bandwidth and storage. Powered by advanced AI and video analytics we keep our technology simple and easy to use, letting you focus on what matters most.


Next-Generation Firewalls remain a vital component of network security for both enterprises and critical infrastructures. It offers flexible deployments from edge to core, data center, and internal segments and clouds. This is AI-driven threat protection inspecting both clear and encrypted data. This kind of firewall performs deep packet inspection, application control, intrusion prevention, and advanced visibility across the network. It blocks malware with the flexibility to adapt to the evolving threat landscape by having paths for future updates.


Because of the increasing demand in connectivity and use of data in the Industrial infrastructures, plants, and production operation expose in different cyberattacks. Industrial Cyber Security protects the critical infrastructure in all levels of internal and external attacks. Simultaneously, it integrates your plant security, network security, and system integrity. It meets the International standards so it will assure the sustainability of your business’ production.